Self Referrals

Should I Refer Myself into DPHMP?

If you are struggling with substance use and/or a mental health issue, you should voluntarily enroll in the program. Participating in the DPHMP could save your career and your life.

How Do I Enroll?

When you call, the DPHMP will be explained to you. If after hearing the program description, you decide to enroll, you will receive the required forms by email or USPS. Once you sign and return the forms, you will be assigned an Agreement Monitor who will support you in scheduling an evaluation to determine appropriate treatment recommendations. Your Agreement Monitor will continue to work with you throughout the program.

Am I Required to Enroll If I Call for Information?

You are not required to enroll, but it is important to understand that enrolling in DPHMP is a commitment to recovery, and by enrolling, you are making a choice to resume practicing safely and to your full potential. Upon enrollment, you will be provided a consent that allows for the sharing of your information with DPR.